Welcome to the Mukherjee Lab

We are proud members of the G.W. Hooper Foundation,  located on the 15th floor of the HSW building (HSW 1521 and 1517), Parnassus Campus, UCSF.


We use Legionella pneumophila, the causative agent of Legionnaires' disease, as a model organism to understand how bacteria survive the toxic environment of a host cell and create a replicative niche for themselves. Legionella is an exceptional cell-biologist. Work done on Legionella has already uncovered some amazing aspects of cell-biology including discovery of a new posttranslational modification. Ultimately, we would like to use Legionella as a tool to discover new mechanisms and regulators of host processes.


With spectacular views of the bay area from our lab and really friendly neighbors, there is no shortage of inspiration to do great science!