Philipp Schlaermann

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Legionella pathogenesis
Bio-tech job in Germany
I am a freshly assigned native German Postdoctoral Scholar who can’t wait to investigate Legionella’s impact on the unfolded protein response pathway. Back in Germany, I received my B.S. in Biology from the University of Muenster and my M.S. in Molecular Medicine from the Charité University Medicine, Berlin. I performed my PhD research in the lab of Prof. Thomas F. Meyer at the Max-Planck-Institute of Infection Biology, Berlin and graduated with a Dr. rer. nat. in Molecular Biology at the Humboldt University, Berlin. I have a strong background in infection biology having worked with different kinds of viruses and extracellular bacteria and seeking now to add intracellular bacs like Legionella to that list. Outside of the lab, I enjoy exploring the vibrant Bay Area and attend all kinds of sporting events from the A’s to the Dubs. After work, I relax by having some cold California brewed craft beers. Email: [email protected]