Ramiro Patino

BMS 1st year rotation student
Graduate student in Joanne Engel's lab
Hola! I am Ramiro. I was raised in northeast Mexico and graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) with a BS in Biology and a minor in Biochemistry. From field collections, molecular and ecological analyses, at UTRGV, I studied the vectors (kissing bugs) of Chagas disease, a neglected parasitic disease. Additionally, during my summer program at UCLA, I studied the cytokine response elicited by neutrophils in response to the parasite, Trichomonas vaginalis. I recently joined the Biomedical Sciences Program (BMS) at UCSF, where I am looking to do research about microbial pathogenesis, from studying key molecules involved in pathogenesis to assessing how the host machinery is affected by these molecules. I am excited for these upcoming years at UCSF which has an incredible scientific community! Outside the lab, I really like to attend to art exhibits, plays, music shows, and ballet recitals. Also, I enjoy exploring nature and the city (mainly restaurants!). Email: [email protected]